[San Francisco] The UCSF Symposium on Emerging Cancer Treatments and Oncological Theory

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Sep 11 16 2:26 PM

Audrey keeps a steady hand as she reaches into her pocket and pulls out her smartphone, snapping a couple of photos before switching to video. The phone camera is simplistic compared to her real camera, but that helps make it easy to use. She captures Taline and her companion in the suit briskly walking away, beelining for the exit. It's mostly footage of their collective backs, but as Taline turns around mid-stride to glare at Audrey once more, she manages to zoom in enough to capture a nametag on her lapel. It has her full name, along with the title "Assistant Pathologist." Beneath this is an acronym of some type: "A.D.L."'

The women otherwise ignore Audrey, refusing to speak to her as they hussle Dr. Teofil out of the restaurant.

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Sep 12 16 11:13 AM

Audrey follows the whole while.

"I am calling nine one one."

She accelerates her pace.

"I just filmed you and now I'm calling nine one one."

Audrey looks around to see if she can find anyone who can help. Ang, perhaps?

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