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The "That Gossamer Thread by Which Sanity Hangs" campaign will be using Sine Nomine Publishing's excellent Silent Legions system. If you have the book, great. We're doing by-the-books character creation, with the following house rules:

1. You can either roll randomly for your background or select one of your choosing.
2. You begin with maximum HP for your class (no need to roll for hit points at level 1).

If you don't own Silent Legions, you can still play. I highly recommend picking up the book if you can afford it and are interested in tabletop horror/investigation games, but either way the GMs can help you establish your first character. The big decision to make with a level1  Silent Legions character is class. Choose one of the following:

Investigator, whose skills revolve around stealth and perception, and who has special abilities to petition hints from the GM and ferret out clues.
Scholar, whose skills revolve around technical skills and research, and who has special abilities for casting magic with (relative) safety and remaining sane in the face of eldritch horrors.
Socialite, whose skills revolve around interactions and negotiations, and who has special abilities for manipulating people.
Tough, whose skills revolve around combat, and who has special abilities that make them significantly more resilient and harder to kill that other heroes.

The most important aspect to your character is your background. Silent Legions characters begin already inured to the supernatural, with some idea that magic is real and that humanity is not alone in a very unkind universe. Make sure to detail what experience your character has had with the supernatural. Keep in mind you're level 1; you probably haven't single-handedly banished an elder god, but you might have survived a run-in with a sorcerer, escaped the clutches of a cult, or briefly glimpsed some alien or undead thing in a shadowy alley.

Either way, your character should be fully convinced that the supernatural is real, willing and able to learn more about the supernatural, and at least somewhat altruistic.
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Go ahead post it in the character sheets forum. Welcome aboard! You're the first to sign up but I'm wrapping up a game on another site. Once that adventure ends the survivors will migrate here.

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